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remote signal jamming device 4 years ago

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This project comprises of a 555 timer used in free running astable multi-vibrator mode at a frequency of 38Khz and a duty cycle of about 60%. The said pulses drives a transistor Q2 the collector of which powers an infrared diode D1 through 100Ω Resistor from the power supply 6V DC. As the receiving unit of any T.V receives 38 KHz pulses from its own remote, continuous stream of 38 KHz pulses so generated by an external timer ckt superimposes and overrides the remote signal resulting in making the T.V remote sent pulses scrambled. Thus the T.V is not able to respond the required pulses from the T.V remote to take any action such as channel change, volume up, down etc. This is a method of jamming the T.V remote.


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