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Night-time One Ocean - Full Show SeaWorld San Diego - April 2014 5 years ago

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A whole One Ocean show, performed at night, at SeaWorld San Diego. The only parts missing are the dead spots between segments and part of the last segment where we were being splashed.

In this show:
0:00 - Opening with Corky, Orkid, Keet & Ikaika. This was really interesting as the trainers did not appear on stage and all behaviours were sent from the back.
3:33 - Frolic with Orkid
6:50 - Side by Side with Shouka
11:25 - Splash & Finale with Shouka, Corky, Orkid, Keet & Ikaika

There were A LOT of people moving around and getting in the way, as always I did my best to avoid them.

6th April 2014
SeaWorld San Diego
Better in HD
Filmed with: Sony CX410

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