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Stephen Hawking CERN Lecture: The Creation of The Universe Part 1 7 years ago

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Part 2:

Professor Stephen Hawking, rightfully regarded as one of the greatest theoretical physicists of modern times, gives us an exciting lecture at the heart of theoretical physics at the experimental epicenter of this research, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.
Hawking's work in searching for the theoretical framework for producing a Unified Field Theory has lead him to some truly remarkable conclusions in his career which paralells that of CERN's search for elementary particles and the forces that govern them.
His work with Roger Penrose on the singularity conditions that arise in General Relativity lead to an extention of Roger Penrose's theorem for non-rotating, uncharged black holes to a universe where the Big Bang itself did not arise from a spacetime singularity. His independant work on Virtual Particle-Antiparticle Pairs around a black hole event horizon has lead to the famous Hawking Radiation scenario, which still awaits experimental and observational experimentation.
Hawking's own expertise in Black Hole Thermodynamics along with his work(an infamous bet) with the renowned Physicist Kip Thorn are classic physic's stories.
Hawking's popular science books and TV shows are works of art in and of themselves.
Hawking's latest work has been involved in M-Theory, particularly in the case of modelling the geodesics of spacetime with relation to Feynman's Sum over Histories Path Integral formalism in Quantum Field Theory. Hawking has concluded that spacetime, under his formalism's can arise from nothing due to the spacetime curvature with no initial conditions, creating the Universe for free.
Hawking's groundbreaking work and his continueous struggle with ALS has inspired millions of scientists and laypeople across The Planet.


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