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0:40 Yoshi's Story
1:20 MOTHER 3
2:10 Spider-Man 2
3:10 Metal Gear Solid 5
4:00 Dying Light
5:00 Mirror's Edge
5:48 Fable 2
6:49 Fallout 3
7:40 Undertale
8:45 The Incredible Hulk

A good boss should challenge you to use all the skills you’ve learned along the way. The bosses in this video didn’t do any of that. All we could say say after beating these pushovers was a big resounding ‘was that it?!’ Get ready for 10 shockingly easy bosses you can beat with your eyes closed!

1. Cloud N. Candy - Yoshi’s Story
This sweet cotton-candy looking monstrosity is just as dangerous as he looks. All you have to do is lick the guy to shrink him until he’s dead. His only retaliation is to slowly jump around the stage a bit. As if that wasn’t heart-wrenchingly difficult enough, every time you lick Cloud N. Candy, he heals you. He even tells you how to kill him, for God’s sake. We get that this game is primarily aimed at kids, but come on this is just ridiculous.

2. Negative Man - MOTHER 3
Negative Man in the Game Boy Advance game Mother 3 is one of the weakest and most depressed video game enemies in history. He is already on his knees when you meet him and cries throughout the whole battle. There’s little point in him even trying to fight you as he keeps saying he’ll lose.

3. Mysterio - Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2 is a surprisingly good movie tie-in game with a super easy boss fight. Mysterio gives Spider-Man a little speech and you expect an epic battle to follow. That is, right until you throw your first punch and the fishbowl head is knocked right off of him. This nerd was robbing a small convenience store in a B-movie-esque costume with a Mysterio-like voice and music playing in the background. Pretty funny if you ask us.

4. Quiet - Metal Gear Solid 5
Kojima is known for putting weird stuff in his games and Metal Gear Solid 5 is no different. This open world stealth game is all about player freedom and creativity. That’s certainly something players exploited when they came across the Quiet boss battle. The easiest and funniest way to beat her is to simply order a couple of supply drops to land on her head. We couldn’t stop laughing when we saw that this tactic actually worked. Good game Kojima.

5. Rais - Dying Light
Dying Light is a pretty cool zombie survival game with a horrible final boss. If there is one thing the gaming industry needs to learn as a whole, it's that the final showdown should never be a quick-time-event. That’s why the ending of Dying Light is such a bummer. While it did feel great to finally take down the bastard we wish it was a little harder than pressing a few buttons. What were they thinking?

6. Jacknife - Mirror's Edge
The final boss in Mirror's Edge is the easiest boss we've ever seen. He looks like a badass as he makes threats at you with his gun but all you have to do is jump. You take one running jump and kick him out of the helicopter. It might be a fitting end to a game that's all about running and jumping but it makes for pretty terrible boss fight.

7. Lucien - Fable II
Lucien from Fable II has to be the easiest final boss of all time. He doesn't even attack you but simply talks to you until you kill him with one shot. Seriously all you have to do is pull the trigger. You expect him to crawl back up as some God-like being so the real fight can start but he doesn't. This is more of an execution than an actual boss fight.

8. Colonel Autumn - Fallout 3
Fallout 3 takes you across the wastelands of America's capital and pits you against tribes, armies, 8ft tall super mutants and a psychotic supercomputer. The final boss is a duel for the ages that's been building up for almost half of the entire story. Except the problem with Colonel Autumn is that he's merely a man. He’s just some bloke armed with a pistol, and only a polo neck and a parka coat to protect him. Two well placed shots later and the whole thing comes to a quick, anticlimactic end.

9. Mettaton NEO - Undertale
Undertale is full of super easy bosses with 1 health point and enemies like Asriel Dreamurr to which you literally cannot die. However our favorite easy boss has to be Mettaton NEO. He looks like he's gonna rek you but he dies in 1 shot from any weapon!. Despite claiming to be a human eradicator, Mettaton NEO does absolutely nothing. Any non-missing attack will instantly kill him as he is scripted to take between 900 thousand and one million damage. What a joke.

10. The Leader - The Incredible Hulk
We get that the Hulk is a powerful character but the final boss fight at the end of this Super Nintendo game is beyond easy. Arch-nemesis of the Hulk, The Leader is finally within arm’s reach. This smart, evil man that you’ve spent the whole of the game hunting down stands before you and all he does is watch you.

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