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One Ocean (Full Show) SeaWorld Orlando 9/9/13 5 years ago

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Show Guide:
0:00 - One Song with All 6 Orcas
3:22 - Frolic with Kayla, Trua, and Nalani
6:53 - Side by Side with Katina and Makaio
11:06 - Splash with All 6 Orcas
15:21 - We're One with All 6 Orcas
19:15 - Some Post Show Behaviors (group pec waves and Makaio sliding out)
Katina, Kayla, Nalani, Malia, Trua, and Makaio @ SeaWorld Orlando on 9/9/13.

This was the last Shamu show I saw during my time at Orlando so I thought I should film it! I thought it was one of the better shows I saw. Katina had a lot of energy, there were some neat behaviors, and overall everyone just did great! They also used all 6 whales to splash the audience, so crazy!

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