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Dr J, Magic and Bird discuss the 96 Bulls 8 years ago

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World's Greatest Starting 5's 8.5 Full Rosters

Happy Birthday Dae Dae 6-18-13 Newell McGee 8/21/13
Today The World's Greatest's Startin' 5's 6.5 comes out...WITH FULL 10 man rosters,and THIS ONE is by far the best...their are a few new additions to this one, This version has the '91 Washington Bullets with Bernard King, Michael Adams, Harvey Grant, A .J.English and a good defender in P. Ellison, plus I added Spain 2012, and a few extra's, to make this release the best one of all... '92 Dream Team vs Team USA 2012, Andrew Tony and Caldwell Jones Makes their way to the 76'ers, Jeremy Lynch(Lin) makes his way to be back up point guard for China, and much, MUCH MORE.....UPDATE:This version includes '96 S.Sonics, '89 C.Cavs plus a revamping of teams Off and Def just a bit and I fixed a lot more Jumpshots, free throws, dribble moves ,etc. Let's NOT FORGET these rosters are Playoff in the Exibition set ONLY for the World's Greatest Starting 5's play!!!!!! Self made and CORRECTED by me, This is a LOOK at my custom rosters to come for this wonderful game, jump shots, free throws, dribble moves, spins and making the teams run their offenses CUSTOM MADE for each team I did myself and it was hell, I call them World's Greatest Startin' 5's they include The '87 Showtime Lakers, Incredi-Bulls, Larry Bird's Celtics, Starks and Ewing's Knicks, Barkley's '93 Suns, Clyde The Glide's Blazers, I.Thomas's Pistons, Dr. J's '83 76'ers, 2 time champion Rockers, Shaq and Penny's Magic, James and Wade's Heat, NBA Champion Mavs, Stockton n Malone's Jazz, I also have on my rosters '92 Dream Team, '92 Croatia, France, Great Wall of China, Lituania, '99 Lakers, '72 Lakers, 2013 Spurs, '92/93 Nets w/Drazen Petrovic, K.Anderson, S.Bowie, D.Coleman, R.Miller's Pacers and all the teams run the way they did during that era's offense, defense and attributes, look at my Magic Johnson'87 you'll see his jump shot, FT, dribble moves, hook shot, n stats R different than what's on the game(they gave MAGIC Jayson Kidd's Jump shot along with nearly every team I've made. Relive ALL the greatest rivalries and then create some, To get the best out of my rosters (RULES SHOULD LOAD with my rosters)set the quarters to 4 minutes, coach settings are set to ON if simming, timeouts, subs on manual, sub method on fatigue and turn fatugie off, they will STILL call timeouts and sub from time to time, BUT the rosters are SET for the STARTING 5'S(not sub's until now, so this is ONLY true now teams that's not full)I did't know how many baller's the game allow's til now. 150 cab's)this is to prevent subbing for the 7 teams, this game is made to make EXIBITION PLAY much like playoff ball play, offense changes when sub's are made because THESE were made for the starting 5's with NO full rosters, so play all team mates together as lined up on the video and position on my World's Greatest Startin' 5's video when simming or playing against the CPU with the 7 teams that aren't full, the FULL teams are made to sub NORMALLY....TAKE THE CHALLENGE if your a BALLER, dosen't matter what features you bring to the court...IF YOU can BALL...Peace...Replay Value IS the Key!!!!!!!

p.s...all BUT the following teams have FULL rosters, '
94/95 Rockets
'92 Croatia(no)
'87 Hawks
'92/93 Nets
2012 Spain


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