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Cessna 172 Spin Recovery Training (Full HD w/ audio) 7 years ago

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January 21, 2013 - Spin recovery training with instructor Glenn Barrett near the Rockton Aerodrome (CPT3). The plane is a Cessna 172R from Spectrum Airways. The audio is from a direct connect with the ICS, but for some reason only on one channel and a bit over-modulated causing noticeable clipping and distortion.

Clearing turns were done prior to doing the spins, but the clearing turns did not make it into the video.

General Spin Recovery Procedure (check your aircraft for specific instructions)

1. Power off
2. Apply and hold full opposite rudder to the spin
3. Apply forward pressure on the control column to break the stall
4. Hold rudder and nose down attitude until the rotation stops
5. Neutralize the rudder and level the wings
6. Climb back to recover lost altitude

Always practice spin recovery techniques with an experienced and licensed instructor in a plane that has been specifically certified for spin training.