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Ep 09 Getting back in the groove (Sailing Sundowner) 3 years ago

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Our labor of love for the past 7 years is for SALE! It is Bittersweet. Check out the details here on our Blog:

After a couple of weeks in the Swimming Pool we recommission our RAINMAN WATERMAKER after having it pickled for 10 months while Sundowner was in Panamarina.

The water here is so nice and we enjoy the easy access to the outer reef of the Swimming Pool. We film some cool underwater fish and rays and Tate shoots a 15 pound Dog Snapper.

We give away half the Snapper and make some friends from Amsterdam in the process. Alco, Rose and 18 month old baby Kian sailed from Amsterdam down Europe's coast and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. We check out their boat, an Olsen 38' before heading to a get together on one of our favorite beaches here.

Lobsters are on the grill and Tate makes a Dog Snapper ceviche for the group.

Footage from November 2016
San Blas islands, Panama

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Our sailboat is a 1974 Westsail 32' thrice circumnavigated

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Music Credits
-Water Lily by The 126ers

-Comparsa Latinesque by Kevin Macleod

-Aurora Borealis by Bird Creek

-Old Bossa by Twin Musicon

-Hollow Grove by Josh Woodward

-Calypso Beach Walk by Doug Maxwell

-Faith by Vibe Tracks


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