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Crowded trains in India 5 years ago

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This Video is to show curiosity and unbelievable crowds in Indian trains at various times. It does not reflect regular state of past or present times of Indian trains.This video has no intent of showing any bad or down for India :-).This is just to show curiosity of unbelievable situations and to show how huge crowd can be in Indian trains.

I have learnt the lessons of my life in the local trains of mumbai. Its a totally new world altogether and you have to understand the ground rules first, in order to enjoy the train journey. You have to be 'street smart' in real sense in order to be sane and travel by the local train. Being a took me 6 months to understand the complete system........just the time for me to go back !!! Alas....what to do ? But then let me share my acquired wisdom with all the readers in case you need to use these trains in future. But let me tell you that it is no less exciting or thrilling than any other adventure sport. And it is also one of the most efficient train systems in the world. mom is from mumbai and hence we have been going to Mumbai for a holiday since childhood. Going for a holiday is a different affair
altogether. You are pampered and never get to use the local trains at all. When I first went to mumbai (before 4 years) for work, I was standing on the Borivali station for 3 hours waiting for the vacant train !!! and then a bright idea dawned upon me that perhaps there is no such thing !!! All the newspaper vendors and boot-polish guys were wondering if I was conducting a survey to join them !!!