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Sandboarding, Namibia in Swakopmund 6 years ago

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This is one of the better days in my life despite the fact that I smashed my face in pretty good. Day 227 of my life is the day I met Tiffany. ( After skydiving on day 226, I hit the sand dunes of Namibia on day 227 for some serious sandboarding. Now, I'm fairly terrible at sandboarding, but still managed to get up and down the dunes a couple times without crashing. Then, I went headfirst down the sand dune. At top speed, I cruised over a jump in which I grabbed a significant amount of air and smashed my face on the edge of the board. As such, I ended up heading to the hospital for 6 stitches. Totally worth it though, and despite the war wound, it really was an amazing day!