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Three Day Event Competition - The Toughest Sport 10 years ago

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This 60 minute program presents the United States Equestrian team in preparation for the competition in the Olympics. It separately focuses at all three disciplines in detail -- show jumping, dressage, and three-day eventing. The program goes behind the scenes and follows some of the best riders in the world as they prepare to compete. It reveals their passion and courage and shows their great successes and some of their most horrible falls. Includes the absolutely top equestrians competing and reveals what they have to say behind the scenes. Actively used by Equestrians at all levels. Stars include William Steinkraus - President USET, 68 Gold Medalist, Katie Monahan, Louis Jacobs, Barney Ward, Armand Leone, Joe Fargis, Peter Leone, Michael Matz, Mark Laskin, Melanie Smith and many others.


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