Microblading U-Blade Presentation by PRIVE Academy

PRIVE Academy ENG: U blade is soft blade, which makes an ideal depth input of pigment in the skin. From the beginning until the end of drawn hair with U blade you enter a pigment with the same depth, as it is the most common problem that over the time eyebrows are little thinner and the reason for this is that it should be right depth input of pigment through the whole hair from the beginning to the end. U Blade enable you drawing hairs in both directions, which provides you right input of pigment for every type of skin, of course when we talk about depth. For oily skin type, which usually does not accept pigment so good, U blade offers soft drawing of hairs because its needles, which are curved, offers more comfortable feeling for the costumer during the treatment. __________________________________ PRIVE Academy M: info@privestudio.si T: (+386) 40 662 414 W: www.prive.si Insta: @microblading_prive
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