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A snippet from my visit to Baptist Theological Seminary 2 years ago

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Street Epistemologist, Anthony Magnubosco invited me to Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth to watch Dr Michael Shermer debate their top scholar, John Mark Reynolds. I returned the following day to attend some weekend seminar they were doing at that time. Someone recorded part of my subsequent accidental meeting with Dr Reynolds last March. That person uploaded this video on their channel a month ago, but it still hasn't had even 300 views since then. So I'll share it on my channel too, just for additional feedback.
Reynolds and I had a long discussion about this on Facebook right after this encounter, which I should write a blog post about, because there were a number of important disagreements discussed there. And if I don't archive that in a blog post, at least in summary, the whole conversation will all be lost and inaccessible to most of the people who might be most interested in it.


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