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Open Air Preaching - Islam vs Christianity 2 years ago

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In September 2015 we went to London to preach in the open. After being there for several hours and getting ready to wind down to leave, a Muslim (Paul Williams) came to challenge us. John Harris was happy to take on the challenge, and here is the full result. 

Paul challenged us with typical Islamic arguments which have been addressed thousands of times, nevertheless, it was an interesting discussion.

When we finally left and got back just after 1:30am, John Harris responded to Paul fully on Facebook. Please see:

This is also where John and Paul had a better debate/discussion where most (if not all) comments were addressed fully.

We pray you find this video and the Facebook debate/discussion edifying for God’s glory.

We recently noticed from comments made in various social networking websites, that many who didn’t watch this video through properly thought the dark person is the Muslim (who is actually John Harris, contending for Christ/Christianity) and the white person is a Christian (who is actually Paul Williams contending for Islam).

People were also confused by the fact that John Harris wanted to use the Qur'an and quoted from the Hadith to show the deity of Christ and the inconsistency of Islam. And of course, with the added confusion of the skin colour, people who didn’t watch the video all the way through properly, got confused by who made a better/worse argument for Christianity vs Islam and the deity of Christ etc.

To avoid further confusion, before commenting, please watch the video all the way through so that you are familiar with the arguments and responses. It will help if you are specific so that we are able to address any issues that may need clarifying.

Hopefully we’ll make a separate commentary video in the future to resolve any confusion and the arguments used/made.


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