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5 Levitations Caught on Camera & Spotted in Real Life 3 years ago

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The definition of levitation is to float in the air, and to defy gravity. For the time being the act of levitation is seemingly impossible. But after watching these 5 videos your opinion might change. Here are 5 Levitations Caught on Camera

This first video shows a russian man walking around the woods with his dog, the two find a woman and a small girl practising levitation unaware that they are being recorded. When the old lady sees the man and his camera the 2 run away

This next video shows a woman who seems to be unconscious and sleeping, the girl is then unknowingly levitated upwards, when investigating further in depth into the video many people speculated that she was lifted by mysterious forces for example a poltergeist.after floating for a short while she is then lowered back into her bed

This next video was pulled from an asian television program, the video shows a magician who asks a random stranger to volunteer for an experiment, the girl lays on the floor and a group of strangers helps lift the girl into the air and they all back away leaving only the magician lifting her. He then removes his hands and she is still floating somehow

This next video falls on a rather creepier side and shows a modern couple arguing in the bathroom of their apartment. They carry on until their argument is abruptly interrupted by the door slamming by an unknown entity when the man reopens the door the woman is then levitating in the corner of the room.

This next video is also very strange and is a phenomenon noticed in china, in this video cctv video captures footage of two cars being levitated in the air and staying in the air for at least 5 seconds each. This video is probably the most unexplainable.

So there were 5 people caught levitating, if you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe for more videos like this one, thanks to deburke for the idea check his channel out in the description, goodbye

As you can see the girl is floating high in the air and seems to be monitored by the old lady in the video as if she were her tutor or something, when the two run into the woods it’s easy to see they they did not want to be noticed practising witchcraft so is this a witch or another viral hoax