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How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Characters Should Really Look 3 years ago

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Before their hit movie came out in 2014, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy were obscure comic characters known only to hardcore fans. Now, Groot, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon are household names. But what many fans may not know is that some of the characters underwent drastic changes in their transition to the big screen. So hold on to your robot legs, because here's what the Guardians of the Galaxy are really like...

The team | 0:29
Rocket Raccoon | 0:56
Groot | 1:30
Drax | 2:12
Yondu | 2:57
Peter Quill | 3:38
Gamora | 4:16
Ronan the Accuser | 4:44
Nebula | 5:27
Korath | 5:54
The Collector | 6:22
Thanos | 7:08

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