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Paintball Gun Police Takedown At Gunpoint Coquitlam City April 2013 7 years ago

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April 14 2013 Coquitlam City , British, Columbia, Canada

Coquitlam police received a 911 call from a concerned motorist on Pinetree Way in Coquitlam City, British, Columbia, Canada. They reported to police they just saw a male wave an assault style machine gun in a pickup truck. RCMP police were able to locate the vehicle traveling North on Pinetree Way, from Lougheed Hwy. Police then surrounded the vehicle at gunpoint and ordered the occupants to exit the vehicle one at a time. It was some scary moments for the occupants to see all these police officers pointing their guns at them. The vehicle was stopped in front of a busy strip mall, over one hundred people spectators watched, as this event unfolded in front of them. After police had taken all three suspects into custody, they entered the vehicle and removed the weapon. When the crowd saw the machine gun style assault weapon, some of these reactions were wow. When police removed the ammo vest, some spectators thought it was a bomb. It was quickly learned by police, that the gun was a Paintball Airsoft Marker. The lesson learned here is when you're transporting Airsoft Markers, properly store them in your vehicle, and don't wave them around for other people to see. The three suspects were released from police custody and no charges were laid.