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Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 41, Ken Ham, Bill Nye debate) 6 years ago

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Ken Ham said enough in his recent debate with Bill Nye to keep me going for a year!

This was just one of the more hilarious things he said, where he holds up a diagram from a science paper and claims its like the biblical model. Apart from when you look at the details, the diagram goes back in time ~400 million years, thats 394 000 years before Ken Ham thinks the universe was created. Sure the genetic bottle neck was ~10 000, and not the 2 suggested by Ken Ham, and for some bizarre reason the golden jackals were not killed by noahs flood. But oddly enough if you ignore all of the facts that show the scientific version of events is utterly inconsistent with the creationist perspective, then what you are left with 'confirms the bible'.

Just like when you ignore all the evidence that shows the earth is not flat, what remains, by definition is an argument for the earth being flat. Not a very good way to do science!

For those who want to take a look at the actual paper Ken Ham cites:

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