Chris Mullin (41pts, 16/21FG) vs. Magic Johnson (44pts/12rebs/9asts) (1991 Playoffs) - VideoTube

Chris Mullin (41pts, 16/21FG) vs. Magic Johnson (44pts/12rebs/9asts) (1991 Playoffs) 6 years ago

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Stephen Curry and the guys have had some very impressive shooting displays during this season, the obvious one to point out at this point being the 65% of shots they just made from the field against the Nuggets in game 2. But, in my opinion, this still is the best instance of long range shooting a Warrior has shown off. An injured Chris Mullin, who had sprained his knee in round 1 against the Spurs, went through two workouts to get ready for the second game of round two at LA. Did it pay off or what!? Mully went for 41 points on 16 from 21 from the field, with 5 assists, to boot. Meanwhile, Magic Johnson, who had spent the majority of the first half finding his teammates, noticed that the game might slip out of the Lakers' hands and replied to Mullin's jumpers by attacking him nearly every time down the court. Magic was basically scoring at will, either he made a shot or the Warriors fouled him. His playoffs career-high (and the only 44/12/9 in playoffs since 1985) wasn't enough though as the Warriors pulled off the W on the road. May 8, 1991.


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