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Antiparos: at the Heart of the Cyclades 5 years ago

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A short video shot during our summer holidays in one of the hidden treasures of the Aegean sea, the island of Antiparos.

Shot with Nikon D5200 and a handheld stabilizer. Unfortunately the strong winds of the Aegean where not so kind, but we found the results rewarding!

The video features shots from:
The castle of Antiparos, a mid-15th century Venetian castle with continuous houses built as the defensive perimeter.

The cave of Antiparos, one of the most beautiful and mysterious caves in the world. At the entrance there’s a stalagmite considered the oldest in Europe. Inside there are inscriptions from various visitors through the centuries.

Livadi and Monastiria, two beaches on the West side of the island. Especially Monastiria is quite hidden and difficult to access.

Kato & Epano Fyra islets, two small islands north of Antiparos where you go by swimming (or walking in the water) from the Camping beach.

Profitis Ilias, the highest peak in Antiparos with a stunning view of the Aegean and the Cyclades.

Despotiko, a small island southwest of Antiparos, almost exactly in the center of the Cyclades and of great archeological importance. There lie the remains of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to god Apollo.

Produced by
Videographer & Editor: Dimitris Vasiageorgis

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