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This May Save Your Life | Motivation | Inspiration | Depression 4 years ago

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Save Yourself by Izzy.exe |~ The Natural Satori Project ~|

For those who need a heavy dose of motivation, are under the influence of a void or a 'life trough' and need some persuasion to get up and fight!



Michael Maas - Bittersweet

Michael Caine – Do not go into that good night

Alan Watts - Suicide

Kai Greene – You have to save your own life (Mind over Matter – Seeking Olympia)

Elliott Mulse – How Depression makes you stronger

Jack Miles

Network - You've got to get

Motivation, motivation, motivation, motivation!
Inspiration, Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration!
Depression, Despression, depression, depression
Save, save, save me, save us, help, help, sad, help.

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