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Play the game here: http://lambta.co/a-koopas-revenge-2/

All the bosses in A Koopa's Revenge 2. Even the secret ones like the final final boss. This kept coming up as an autocomplete when I was searching for AKR2 videos, so I decided to make one up for e'erybody. I'm also considering doing some more videos for AKR2. Possibly all exits, all stage warps, or all 3up moons. If you'd like to see any of those, let me know. Sorry if it's a bit jumpy here and there. I'm working on my capture settings and trying to get it just right.

Play the game: http://lambta.co/a-koopas-revenge-2/

Quick Jumps:
0:05 Popmo
0:48 Saladro
2:00 Umbreltar
3:09 Burgerstein
4:17 Flying Spaghetti Monster
5:39 Mario
6:23 Monstario
7:13 Final Confrontation Mario
9:25 Dan Hibiki

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Play A Koopa's Revenge 2: http://lambta.co/a-koopas-revenge-2/
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