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Namibia, Spitzkoppe Camp to Windhoek, Episode 111 5 years ago

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Bizarre orange mountains and boulders stand like an island in the dry wasteland. And here I find kids that break my heart. This a small part of our road trip across Southern Africa. A trip from Tanzania and the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic off the coast of Namibia.

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Spitzkoppe Camp Video Details

At the campground reception we were told to camp anywhere. And so we did.
We spent the morning exploring before breaking camp and heading east. We spent the late afternoon exploring the strange formations, the rock pools, the ancient rock art, birds and the many small Dassie rats.

The next day on upon exiting the park a roadside trinket stall caught our attention. We decided to trade away the rest of our used clothing, small change and food. It broke my heart to see these kids sitting here in the sun all day tying to trade rocks for food. How many cars could possibly pass this desolate spot in a day? And yet these kids were happy, full of life and so polite. I wanted to take them all back to Europe, feed them and send them too school. But then I wondered at their apparent good will and cheer. Perhaps kids growing up in this harsh and simple environment were happier than those lost in consumerism and individualism.

We took photos, shared our wealth and left them as we found them. Content.
Windhoek is a clean & modern city and so far removed from the dusty kids we met that morning. We had driven across Eastern and Southern Africa. And meeting those kids outside of Spitzkoppe camp was the highlight of my trip.

In Windhoek we checked into a hostel and began the cleaning and acclimatization process. We would soon go our separate ways and rejoin the busy human race.

Ben parked his Toyota Land Cruiser at a local farm, boarded and bordered a plan back to Europe. That was the end of our Overland Africa trip but not the end for me. I promptly hopped onto a bus for Cape Town, South Africa. Let the adventure continue.