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Ultras World on Tour - Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb (Ep.2) 11 months ago

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It was late at night when we arrived in Zagreb, and one of our contacts that goes by name Kruno picked us up from the airport. Our apartment was close to the city center, and arriving so late at night we just couldn’t go to sleep, we wanted to see more of Zagreb and that’s what we did. We noticed that the city, even late at night it was alive. Kids playing outside on the square, cars and trams going back and forth. We already saw the presence of the ultras in town, as a lot of stickers and small graffiti all around the square. After a quick dinner, we went back to bed knowing that the following day would be a very long and busy one in which it was the day where Ultras World would meet the BBB of Dinamo Zagreb. On the morning we headed towards the train station where we left most of our belongings in the lockers because this was our only and last day in Zagreb. We had tickets at midnight with the night-train to Split. So we had to make the most of it…
After shooting some scenes, it was time to head towards to DZ Stadium. While at Maksimir, we shot some scenes and we saw the war memorial nearby which we paid our respects to the fans of DZ who fought and died in the war of independence. Before we knew it, we got a phone call and our contact from Futsal of DZ was waiting for us at the parking. Our first destination was unknown, we weren’t sure where we actually were, just things happened so quickly that before we knew it we were sitting down In one of the best bars in the city and had a champagne glass in our hands. There is where we met Marko and after a few drinks we headed towards the BBB fan shop. We decided to walk, so we could see more of the city, and we were just amazed of how beautiful Zagreb actually is. Before we knew it ... there it was, the bulldog sign hanging from one of the buildings, we knew we’d arrived. After having a short interview with Juraj, we headed towards our more important meeting. It was with the top BBB at their fan club. When we arrived, we met with them and our first feeling was that we were happy and honored to be there. They were very hospitable and after a few beers and smokes, we had a very interesting and long conversation.We talked about the past, and how things changed after 2006 when BBB first started to oppose Mamic. We also talked about an important period in 2010 when they started to boycott their home games, because of what Mamic was doing.They were mostly only interested in selling players, making money and stealing from the club. They put ex police men to work in the club’s board. They were involved also in many schemes such as fixing games, but the worst part was that they were destroying the club’s identity and they were trying to control BBB. We knew too that BBB had a lot of repression from the police especially because Mamic had a big influence on the justice system and in the police departments. So even though with all the repression, and some separations, the group was still able to survive all this bad period especially in 13/14. Their foundation of the Futsal club also helped in this – where a small idea turned out to be big organization today. We also talked with them about their golden period between 98 and 2008. It was one of the best days for BBB both home, where they made an extremely loud atmosphere, and on away games all around Europe were often troubles. They told us that BBB was always considered more as a hooligan group. They were a bit different from everybody else, even if most of them were on the ‘black list’, and not getting tickets for the Europe away games. We were interested also how in 2013 there was a unity between all ultra-groups of Croatia to get rid of the government plan to introduce the FAN ID, which would really destroy the ultra-culture in Croatia, and by this unity they won this war. We had a small conversation also about the famous 1990 riot against Red Star, and how this riot was a social indicator of what would happen next. The start of a war. One of the important figures of the riot was the player of DZ Boban, who kicked a policeman, a symbolic moment and this was also showed in the fan club as a graffiti. Lastly we spoke about the future, and what would happen if Mamic would be convicted, what we understood is that if Mamic is gone, the future is brighter and even if they have to go to the 3rd league, BBB will always stay behind the club. After about an hour, we decided to stick around for a few more hours to drink with the lads and play some billiards. We were honored in meeting with BBB and this memory will be inside us. Before midnight we knew it was time to leave because we had a train to catch, 8 hours by the night train to Split…what a trip!
Because limitations of YouTube we don’t have enough space to write about our days in Split, but you can read it up on our Instagram page where we will be posting about it. But one thing is sure, We loved it!


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