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5 School Bullies You Won't Believe Actually Exist! 2 years ago

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5 School Bullies You Wont Believe Exist!


Bullying has been a menace in institutions of learning for a very long time now. Since time immemorial, bullies have continuously traumatized children across the globe and this has now extended even to social media. Some of the bullying activities go beyond bizarre and the victims’ experiences are usually unprintable. Within this countdown, we are showing 5 School Bullies You Won't Believe Actually Exist! You DONT want to miss this! Lets begin!

1.Chelsea Lazaruik

Chelsea, a 14 year old schoolgirl was found hanged in her bedroom by her family. It was suspected that she might have been a victim of bullying from her school by people who were jealous of her beauty. She was rushed to the hospital by her father and died six days later after being on life support. It is also alleged that she might have been driven to take her own life by her family who confiscated her phone for using it too much. Many messages of condolence were sent and shared on her social media accounts with most students and friends saying she was a victim of bullying.

2. Chelisa Grimes

When Chelisa Grimes learnt that her son was being bullied in school and the administrators were not doing enough to stop it, she decided to give him a stun gun to carry to school for self-defense. The 17 year old Young went to school with the stun because he has been a target of bullying for being gay and “too flamboyant”. When a group of students surrounded him and started insulting him and threatening to beat him up, he raised the stun gun in the air and released some electric shock waves that sent the students scampering for safety. He was dismissed from school for carrying the gun but he defended himself saying he did not use it on anybody.

3. Karen Klein

Karen Klein was a New York bus monitor who suffered relentless bullying by four unruly students. A video recorded by one of the students and later posted on the internet went viral and prompted a 24 year old nutritionist, Sidorov, to start a funds drive to send Klein on vacation. The target was to raise $5000. Instead, an outpouring of donations resulted in $700,000 being donated towards the cause, enough to send her to 140 vacations. People from all over the world, 84 countries to be precise, contributed to the fund. What started as a bullying ended up as a win for the 68 year old mother.

4. Debbie Piscitella

While shopping in a mall, Debbie came across a boy who has been tormenting her daughter, McKenna. She confronted the boy and asked him why he has been doing such things and the boy said that he wouldnt not stop. Debbie lost it and grabbed him by his neck and began choking him and calling him names. All this was happening in front of her daughter. The 46 year old mother said as a mother, she could not stand and watch while her daughter contemplating hurting herself as a result of online bullying and yet the culprit was right there in front of her. She, however, expressed regrets for her actions and called on other parents to always use proper channels to deal with such occurrences.

5. Jamey Rodemeyer
Jamey had been questioning his sexuality for a very long time. His parents had spoken to him and he was doing fine according them, besides the fact that he was seeing a therapist for the constant torment he was receiving online. Even though it looked good on the surface, the bullying had gone deep online, with some people asking him to commit suicide if he wanted and that no one would miss him even if he did. Well, unfortunately, he committed suicide and is no longer in the existence of Earth...... When will bullying stop?

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