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Top 10 of the most bizarre things seen while riding public transportation on the train!
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The subway has become one of the most efficient modes of transportation in major cities like New York City and London. Underground and reaching high speeds, people can get across town in a matter of minutes instead of hours, especially through rush hour traffic. Given that public transportation is both accessible and inexpensive, there are millions of different people who ride the subway every day. This leads to some interesting experiences with riders, and discovering some pretty weird people. If you ever want to feel more normal, ride the subway.
Typical subway etiquette includes riders keeping to themselves, and getting out of a seat for an elderly person or a lady. Given that the subway car can get tightly packed with people, wearing a substantial amount of clothing to shield yourself from sweat and odors is a good idea. Some of the bravest people wear flip flops on the subway, not realizing that someone may have vomited or peed on the floor, or worse, the seat. Subways have also been known to be the place where a lot of crime can happen, and all the perpetrator has to do is get off on the next stop and seemingly disappear into the sea of faces of a busy city.
People use the subway to get around. Typically you’ll see people dressed up for work or a bright social event. But sometimes you might find that people are wearing costumes, or barely any clothing. You also might find people that are pretty eccentric and might even cause you to question your safety. For example, in 2013, a 31 year old Chicago woman was arrested after she took over a car on the L train, assaulting passengers, and claiming that she was the “goddess of the train”, but the kicker was that she was completely naked when she did this. Drugs were likely the culprit of this hilarious and yet confusing act.
Similar to Walmart, the decorum of how to act and dress in public seems to be thrown away on the subway. Most people probably consider that they will never see these people again, so they can live a little and go completely nuts in their outfits and behavior on the subway.
Then there was an incident on a New York City subway involving two little people dressed up like Chucky and his bride…and we’re talking about the killer doll Chucky. If any of the passengers had a fear of dolls or the Child’s Play franchises, their fears were certainly tested and challenged on the train that day. Performance artists have taken advantage of the possible mass exposure they might receive for their art, and today you can find painters, singers, break dancers, mariachi bands, and actors all clamoring to perform in a subway car, causing even more weirdness than ever before.
If any of these weird people freak you out to the point where riding the subway might be too much for you, then you might want to consider giving the taxi company your business where you’ll only have to worry about a single driver.

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