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16 & Pregnant | My story (w/ Pictures) 4 years ago

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In this video I share the story of when I met the father of my son, how I found out I was pregnant, how I told my parents, how they reacted, and why the father of my son and I broke up.

It's a very personal story! But I wanted to share it because I know some of you are going through or went through something similar, and I understand the uncertainty and fear you feel. But do not give up, having a child at such a young age is very difficult, but you can still succeed in whatever it is you want to do.

If you are young and have no baby yet but you have a boyfriend. Be careful! Having a baby is not a game. Never in my life would I change what happened,, but the truth is that at 16 years old, you should be enjoying your life without stress or worries. There is many years ahead to have a baby.

My parents are very ashamed of behaving the way they did when they first found out. 'Till this day they apologize. When I was pregnant, my parents listened to a story in a song that made them open their eyes. It went something like this:

2 Dads were at the hospital, both sad. Each one of them was waiting for their 15 yr old daughter.
Dad # 1: What is wrong with your daughter? Why is she in the hospital?
Dad # 2: I'm ashamed to say .. but my daughter who is only 15 years old is going to have a baby. I am very disappointed in her. And why is your daughter in the hospital?
Dad # 1: My 15 year old daughter has cancer and is about to die ... A baby is a blessing from God, you should be happy and grateful you are going to be a grandfather. I will never be able to see my daughter have a baby. I would do anything to be in your place ..

** I am 23 years old.
** My son is 7, and his name is Angel.

Thanks for watching my video and for all your lovely comments ..

Love, Tania Lucely

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