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What is Trichotillomania ? 8 years ago

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What is trichotillomania?

7/25/18: another update since this video seems to still be relevant...trich comes back on/off. I’m good long enough to now have my brows and lashes grown back nice and full but sometimes I slip up. Still dealing with anxiety issues and almost resorting back to pulling rn. It’s very hard to resist. Considering an update video about my tattooing, progress and such.
And I’m not the girl from storybooth


* There are young kids watching this and commenting to express themselves and feel less alone and this is a safe place to do that. Ignorant troll comments will be deleted and you will be blocked. Being open online does not mean someone deserves to be verbally abused because it's your 'opinion'.

Trich update 5/8/15: eyebrows are grown back ! I tweeze new growth to keep a shape but that's about it. I recently pulled a little from the front but it's coming back quickly. I have full brows now tho!

trich update: 10/23/14: Currently my eyelashes are fully grown ! Occasionally I pull a couple, but for a while now I haven't pulled any bald patches! I have pulled a few hairs from on top of my head, but it has never escalated to bald patches. My eyebrows I seem to not be able to control it. I end up pulling out every new growth I see, but they are tattooed on now. Having them tattooed was probably the best thing i've ever done. I can go out without any makeup, and never have to spend time to draw on eyebrows where I have none. Tattooing them took away a lot of the stress trich had put on me.

Here is a little bit about my story along with with how I hide the bald spots on my face. I don't pull the hair from the top of my head (Actually, I have occasionally, but it never escalated), it's more my eyebrows and my eyelashes, so this is how you can hide it if you are in the same conditions as I am :3
Thanks for everyone's support and nice comments :3

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all trich videos:
What is Trichotillomania ?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weCcLWghY2U

Trich Makeup Tricks | Eyebrows : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEN-sSH1xL0

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Products used:

eyebrows - http://www.maybelline.com/products/7/eyes/brow-liner/expertwear-twin-brow-eye-pencils/medium-brown/103?shadeId=34
I like pairing the brow liner with this - http://www.maybelline.com/products/8/eyes/brow-liner/ultra-brow-brush-on-color/light-brown/402?shadeId=45

eyelashes - http://www.revlon.com/Revlon-Home/Products/Eyes/False-Lashes/Revlon-Fantasy-Lengths-Maximum-Wear-Self-Adhesive-Eyelashes.aspx
I try to buy them natural and not too thick

i bought that lash glue at the dollar store tbh
this is also quite awesome lash adhesive - http://www.revlon.com/Revlon-Home/Products/Eyes/False-Lashes/Revlon%20Precision%20Lash%20Adhesive.aspx