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RC CWR HPI WR8 X 3 rally time, lets race 3 years ago

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Rally Time with 3 WR8s taking on the dirt track in the Foothill Industrial area. Todd, Will and I hooked up a couple pallets behind the truck with some weight on top. Drug it around the track a half dozen times and instant track was made LOL. After 30 minutes of prep and rock removal, we were ready to race. Before we knew it we were out there for 4 hours, having a great time rally racing, way too much fun. Thanks for watching and enjoy, Cheers.

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RC CWR is Remote Control Chris Will Rappel. We are a father (Chris) 'n son (Will) team in Calgary Alberta, enjoying the hobby of RCs. Our collection of RCs include the crawlers Axial Wraith, Honcho SCX10, and Dingo SCX-10. Twin Hammer VW bug aka THug for scaling, bashing and hydroplaning with paddle tires on. For bashers we have the Traxxas Slash 2wd and Bandit. Drifter cars and or truck HPI Sprint 2 FLUZ and E-10. Scaler Tamiya F-350 and a cross over wraith axles under a bruiser chassis and body. Next are the Micro or mini Losi Trail Trekker and crawler customized 6X6 rally trucks flat beds and a short course truck. Another trekker is made into a custom 1/10 quad, with rider, for the axial scale adventures. We also have a 1/24 scale forklift from INDUSTRY FORK CAR, that helps out with our custom builds. 2 Forces of Valor tanks that are 1/16 scale and can shoot each other with infra red lights. Protocol helicopters one TOUGH Copter and one STEALTH HAWK. Hobby Zone Super Cub with a drop module. Pro Boat Mini -- V and a Blackjack 26 that is now a full time snow boat, weather permitting of course. Snowboating can be very hard on boats and boaters FYI. NQD Tear Into jet boat with Traxxas VXL brushless system. We have made custom built flat deck trailers and 5th wheels for our trucks to pull along on our journeys through the parks and trails around Calgary and area. Plus a custom camper that rides in the back of PJ the Jeep Cherokee. As much fun as they are to drive scale crawl or bash, we enjoy the building and planning of new builds just as much. Nothing can beat the feeling of pride when a father and son team test drive a custom designed and built RC. No sooner do we finish a build, we are already talking and planning the next build. A hobby the whole family can enjoy and have fun with. Thank you for joining us on our builds and trail runs in and around Calgary. Thanks for watching and enjoy, please subscribe LIKE and comment.