The Human Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment (ft. Crystal Pepsi Release News) | L.A. BEAST

Watch The Crystal Pepsi Song Music Video Here: A few days ago, the L.A. BEAST received a letter via twitter from the official Pepsi TM page letting him know of the FINAL release of Crystal Pepsi. Once this next sales period is over, so is Crystal Pepsi....for eternity. In an effort to include the L.A. BEAST in the upcoming relaunch of the clear cola, it was said in the letter that Pepsi would like to do something great for the L.A. BEAST & to stay tuned for more details. Quite frankly, if everyone who helped out with the Crystal Pepsi Campaign World Wide still can't enjoy the sweet nectar of the Clear Cola Gods, the L.A. BEAST must DISREGARD this letter & whatever opportunity it may have brought. As one final FREE advertisement for the Billion Dollar Corporation PEPSICO, the L.A. BEAST knew of only one way to help roll out the news....By performing the Human DIET COKE & Mentos Experiment. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy. Download "The Crystal Pepsi Song" by clicking link below: Please Subscribe for More L.A. BEAST Antics: BRAND NEW L.A. BEAST T-SHIRTS & HOODIES!!! NEW!!! Get your L.A. BEAST "Have A Good Day" Sticker here: Follow My Daily Vlogs.... I swear A Lot. They are Funny. That is all. T-SHIRTS: SNAPCHAT. LABEAST62 INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:!/KevLAbeast FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO IS ROYALTY FREE MUSIC AND PROVIDED BY: WWW.INCOMPETECH.COM "Five Armies""Perspectives" "Americana" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 DISCLAIMER: I AM IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER SPONSORED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THE BRANDS SEEN IN THIS VIDEO.
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