Terraria - Sniper Rifle, max crit loadout

https://twitter.com/Yrimir - News I really wanted to do a Counter-Strike intro, and thus the idea of max Sniper Crit was born. This is a short video, but I wanted to show best loadout for a ranger and well this is it. It's not practical, and I wouldn't recommend using it - but it sure is fun! I choose not to include how to get the items in the video - as that would have made it way to long. You will also need chlorophite bullets for top damage. Thanks to Omnir, Luna and iRandomness for helping me record the intro. Also a special thanks to Yoraiz0r who did the calculations and confirmed that the tooltip damage was a bug. Credits MachinimaSound.com - "Escape from the Temple" https://machinimasound.com/escape-from-the-temple‎ Maf - "shroomy 2" https://Terrariaonline.com
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