Budgie and lovebird body language

Hi! I hope you like and find useful this video where I tried to show examples of all the things that budgies and lovebirds do and how you can read their body language. There are of course many more that I may have forgotten or I just didn't have videos of it... Please share them in your comments so that we all can learn from it! :) Press LIKE if you did like it and subscribe for more videos about budgies and lovebirds! Starring (in order of appeareance): -Paquito (main lovebird) -Flink Jr (main blue budgie) -Kira (main yellow budgie) -Midori (the excited green budgie) -Pichín (the other lovebird) -Blåbær (blue budgie inside the nest and at the end, highest on the branch, mother of Flink Jr, Kira, Sira and the other yellow budgie) -Flink Sr (green budgie feeding Blåbær and the chicks, father of Flink Jr, Kira, Sira and the other yellow budgie) -Yellow budgie inside the nest (sister of Sira) -Sira (white budgie) -Azulete (sick blue budgie and lowest on the branch) -Barto (that's me!) List of the songs: - Colourful way (instrumental) by “Sofia" - Colourful (instrumental) by "Jess Penner" -Apples and onions (instrumental) by "Jess Penner" -Perfect day (instrumental) by "Sofia" All Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom! www.positionmusic.com Special thanks to Martins, Jesusita Flores and James for their help checking the video for grammatical errors!
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