Last One Ocean (Full Show) at SeaWorld San Diego (1/8/17)

I included the intro movie but if you want to skip it you can go to 3:18. The intro to this show was really cool and it was neat to see almost every whale perform! I will miss this show and hope the new Orca Encounter can bring something even better to the table. Show Guide/Highlights: 0:00 Intro Video 3:18 - One Song with Kasatka, Nakai, Orkid, Kalia, Shouka, Makani, and Amaya - 3:24 Everyone does a backdive together! - 4:16 Kasatka salmon grab - 4:54 Kalia and Amaya bows - 5:38 Shouka, Makani, and Orkid ventral bows - 6:25 Orkid, Kalia, and Shouka front flip 7:12 Frolic with the same group - 9:40 Nakai side breach - 10:00 Shouka slides out and dances/blows kisses - 10:38 Kasatka and Orkid alien while Makani, Kalia, and Amaya slideout on stage 11:35 Side by Side with Keet, Corky, and Ikaika - 14:30 Corky vspin 15:28 Corky, Keet, Ikaika, then Kasatka, Orkid, Shouka, Makani, Kalia, and Amaya in Splash/We're One - 19:50 Makani thrash hula and Orkid squirt hula - 20:32 Kasatka slides out and everyone else fluke waves Kasatka, Nakai, Orkid, Kalia, Shouka, Makani, Amaya, Corky, Keet, and Ikaika (Killer Whales) at SeaWorld San Diego on 1/8/17. Do not use without permission.
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