Taylor Swift Surprises 96yo WW2 Vet & Superfan for Christmas - New Madrid, MO

Update: On December 12, 2019 Cyrus Porter passed away surrounded by his family. ******Look,YES, I know there is a screaming lady in this video. That’s established from the very beginning. Taylor Swift walked through our front door the day after Christmas. She’s excited, get over it and don’t be a jerk about it***** Taylor Swift gave my grandpa a "Christmas Miracle" (copyright Robert Frye) and crashed our family Christmas. Here is her surprise entrance and musical number, plus a little of their initial conversation. Plus a few other cool things. ****I wanted to add a few things, most notably about Taylor Swift*** The reason I posted this video is to show you all Taylor Swift from our perspective. I did not do this for any type of notoriety or fame or whatever... I did this because I think it highlights the wonderful person Ms. Taylor Swift truly is... The only impression we have of stars is what we see in the media and our interpretation of their social media accounts. IMO, that is a cruel and unfair way to judge a person. I have been fortunate enough in my life to come across a few celebrities and one thing I have learned is you cannot judge them until you experience them in person. It takes about 6 seconds to form a first impression. Taylor Swift proved herself to be someone of very high integrity and character. She did not draw attention to herself when she entered the room, no "Hey look it's me, Taylor Swift"... She seemed flattered and appreciative from our thunderous cheering. She smiled and even appeared to blush a bit.... She even seemed humbled from our welcome. She never tried to direct the flow of the gathering, she simply said, "I can do whatever you all want, I am just happy to be here with you." Her parents were there, they became part of the crowd, it was easy to see where she gets it from.. They were wonderful, friendly and just as humbled by us as we were by them. She wanted to walk around the room, meet everybody and take pictures with us. She was very attentive to Popo, which was the reason she came in the first place. She ate fudge, She hung her coat on the kitchen table, she toured the house, she smiled, laughed and seemed genuinely interested in every single person there. If it weren't for the fact that she was Taylor Freaking Swift, we would have thought she was a friend stopping by to say hello. IMO, Taylor Swift is a very down to earth young woman who faces intense scrutiny and judgement because of who she is. Everybody has two sides to them, a professional side and a personal side. We only see her professional side... WE..were fortunate enough to see her personal side and I can tell you one thing... She is a wonderful young lady who took time away from her family at Christmas to bring happiness to a family when they needed it the most. She made our Popo happy, which made his family happy. We know there is no way to repay her for what she did, all we can do is be grateful she entered our lives for one hour on a Monday afternoon and made us forget, for just a moment, how tough the past year was.... something for which we will forever be grateful.
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