Top five bizarre weapons of World War Two - This is Genius

War can be a pretty desperate time, and never more so than in World War Two. But people can come up with some ingenious ideas under pressure - radar, fighter jets and improved surgical methods are just three examples. Not all were so successful though. Here's our top five list of weapons that were actually built in World War Two, but were either downright dangerous, or just a little too ambitious. Connect with This is Genius! - Facebook - Twitter - Google+ This is Genius is a channel dedicated to experiencing the unusual side of life. Comedy, sketches and tongue-in cheek location reports from around the world. We use a lot of music by a chap called StoneOcean, a little label for him appears in our videos when we do. Like his stuff? Check out his channel. StoneOcean's music: StoneOcean's channel: Check out some of our other videos: -- We get our skate on with Nitro Circus -- Flying a helicopter with your brain. And no hands. -- How many pegs can I fit on my face? - What's it like to be 80 for the day? -- We went to actual Tokyo to be actual Samurai's with the actual green power ranger. Looking for the old This is Genius? Ok, here you are: -- That was Genius 2012 -- That was Genius late 2011 -- That was Genius early 2011 -- That was Genius late 2010 -- That was Genius early 2010
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