Chinese Street Food: Jian Bing (山东煎饼)

Chinese street food: it's a way of life here in China. People are constantly on the go, and being able to grab a quick snack or bite to eat is crucial to people here. I'm in Lanzhou, the capital of Northwestern China's Gansu Province, and a popular street food here (and everywhere else in China) is Jian Bing (煎饼), a kind of crepe or pancake that is made right in front of your very eyes! It's an amazing little gem that can be found anywhere in China, and it's always good! Be sure to check out my channel - I've got new videos coming up every week about all kinds of China-related stuff! See you around! Austin Guidry Facebook: Twitter: @LetChinaSleep 我的微博:@懒惰老外 My old blog:
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