First Time Snowboarding... GONE WRONG! (Ski Patrol Called)

Thomas's first time snowboarding! This is Thomas's attempt at transitioning from the dark side (Skiing) to the lords sport Snowboarding! Unfortunately Thomas took a tumble during the dismount from the chairlift and ended up hurting his wrists quite bad... well bad enough to require ski patrol to give him a ride down the hill! Ended the day with a bad sprain but he still has a smile on his face! What a soldier! Well... other than Thomas hurting himself it was quite a nice day up on the Remarkables! This was my first time riding for the NZ season so it was always gonna be fun! Wishing Thomas a speedy recovery! (cause that what you say when people hurt themselves) hahaha! Hope ya enjoyed the video! please leave a like and a good ol Subscribe if ya enjoyed it! thanks! :) Instagram: @dayvidjones Facebook: @notdavidsjones Snapchat: ogsoymilk if you're reading this you're cool ;)
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