Goonriding: Tips on riding a dirt bike like a goon Ep:2 "How to Jump like a goon" #goonweek2014

Dirt bike riders Revin and Talin Easley show you how to jump and fail at riding motocross bikes. #GOONWEEK2014 is a 5 part series called " Goon riding 101 " and it will teach you everything you need to know about being a true goon dirt bike rider. Each episode focuses on the goon life techniques and teaches you how to be a better goon! Don't forget to watch each episode and also be sure to follow RTmotox on Instagram @rtmotox and Facebook "Revin Talin Easley" and also visit our web site Special thanks to all of our sponsors for making this video series possible. FREEGUN, MAGIK, ACTIONSPORTS CANOPIES, R81 PRINT, SHOT, CTO GOGGLES, AND OF COURSE ALL OF OUR YOU TUBE FANS!!! THANK YOU!
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