OM C. Parkin & Igor Kufayev – "Personal Effort vs Divine Mercy?"

Responses to the question on the place of personal effort in its relation to the act of Grace, an excerpt from the darshan with OM C. Parkin and Igor Kufayev. 'Gut Saunstorf – Ort der Stille', Germany. August 2017. __ Subscribe to Igor Kufayev's YouTube Channel Here: ______________________ Igor Kufayev is leading expert in the field of human potential and personal transformation, professional artist and the founder of Flowing Wakefulness Organization. Speaking from direct realisation of Oneness, he inspires all people to recognise the fullest potential present in human birth. Igor Kufayev has been serving as a public speaker and retreat leader, offering transformational programs worldwide. Participants at Igor's programs have reported having access to higher states of consciousness, peak experiences, permanent relief from depression and spontaneous healing from chronic physical and psychological ailments. _____________________ Website: Journal: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Live Event with Igor Kufayev: Online Webinar with Igor Kufayev: About OM C. Parkin:
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