Five Devout Muslims Revived from Dead To Tell Chilling Stories for the Love of Humanity!

Peace be to you. Recently I have come across the video clip captioned MUSLIMS REVIVED FROM DEATH TELL CHILLING TRUTH OF ALLAH & ISLAM, uploaded to YouTube on July 29, 2016. As I watched with an open mind, there is one section of the video which moved me to shed tears. It's not crocodile tears. You know the Chinese proverb says Man sheds blood and does not shed tears! So there is something very touching in the video clip. I shall skip its introduction and go directly to the testimonies of the devout Muslims who encountered Near death experience and they returned by the grace of Yahweh to tell their stories. Under the Mosaic law, every word shall be established by the testimony of two or three eye-witnesses. In this video, you have more than three testimonies to help you to come to the conclusion on where your soul will go hereafter. I will comment more about it at the end of the video clip. Please stay tune.
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