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Math has been rebuilt from zero. Free slideshow @ http://www.j.mp/BharatanMaths Jonathan J. Crabtree Elementary Mathematics Historian / Guest Speaker Melbourne Australia http://www.jonathancrabtree.com (Web) http://www.j.mp/HinduMaths (Lecture IISER Pune) http://www.j.mp/IndiasMaths (PPT) http://www.j.mp/2020Maths (Above as PDF) http://www.j.mp/BrahmaguptanPlane (Latest Paper PDF) http://www.j.mp/TeachIndianMaths (Online Maths Ed. Petition) https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=jM4nQygAAAAJ BACKGROUND INFORMATION Having initially studied economics at the University of Melbourne, Jonathan J. Crabtree is an autodidact, studying the history of mathematics since 1983. His first paper was on the history of Euclid’s definition of multiplication. Euclid's definition of multiplication had been incorrectly translated into English in 1570 and was NEVER corrected! His next paper explored the writings of Descartes and Newton. Another paper presented in Hungary spanned the writings of Diophantus, Cardano, Euclid, Liu Hui and Brahmagupta. It was in Europe that Crabtree was spotted by Dr S. R. Santhanam, President of AIMER, who invited him to give similar lectures in India. Crabtree's second tour of India was organised by Dr D. K. Sinha, President of the AIMT. Today, elementary maths historian Jonathan J. Crabtree is known as a guest lecturer at Indian mathematics conferences, schools and universities. Having reviewed writings in Latin, Greek, Arabic and Sanskrit, his provocative presentations reveal how India’s ‘lost’ ancient mathematics of Bharat is superior to the western maths taught today. LATEST 2020 INTERVIEW http://www.j.mp/SoftPowerMaths LATEST 2020 ARTICLES http://www.j.mp/Mathstakes http://www.j.mp/Brexitmaths AIMER = Associate for International Mathematics Education and Research AIMT = Association for Improvement of Mathematics Teaching === David Letterman Mathematics Prodigy Genius Daniel Tammet Math 3.14 Pi Day.
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