Police Arrest Criminals in Surrey (With Bonus Footage!)

Surrey RCMP arrested several subjects after what appears to have been a pursuit. RCMP are being tight lipped about what happened on 103rd St East of 140th Ave but witnesses say the officers in the unmarked Minivan and Taurus attempted to stop the suspects when they threw their vehicle into reverse almost striking the officers. The vehicle then fled down the street and into this driveway at which point the RCMP pinned the vehicle in. The subjects then ran on foot into a house and were taken into custody shortly after. Unsure why they fled in the first place but one of the suspects was overheard saying "But I didn't know it was stolen". Obviously one of surrey's better citizens. Bonus: While filming the scene an officer is seen moving the unmarked police cars. As he moves the Taurus the suspect vehicle starts rolling backwards. The officer quickly moved his car in the way stopping the truck from rolling further. A small dent was observed on the bumper of the car. It goes well with the rest of the damage from ramming the suspect vehicle. See my photos; https://www.flickr.com/photos/61426268@N06/ Follow me on Twitter; https://twitter.com/stucktweet For licencing information contact ryan@bcfiretrucks.com
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