Idfc | Speedpaint

===!!READ for more info!! THESE TWO BELONG TO ME AND MY BEST FRIEND, please, read the description before you comment c: Thank you for so many likes I never thought that I could get this far! and YES it's a GAY ship, boy x boy. This was meant for my best friend and it's ONLY for her use!!! Which also means, you CAN'T use them in Roleplay's and Fanfictions!! === Yaay I finally forced my lazy ass to draw something xD Here's a little gift for my dorky best friend, I hope you'll like it! -- Art & Ethan -the tall one- by me Kness -the smol bean- belongs to !!!DONT COPY, USE OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN!!! Programs: Paint Tool Sai Sony Vegas Songs used in the video: Ghost Loft - Seconds Ruelle - Monsters Blackbear - Idfc Celldweller - Jericho
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