Lora Cain's Baby Hippo & Wildebeest - interview on Nat Geo Wild's Caught in the Act

Please SUBSCRIBE for my latest videos. Lora Cain's interview about this video is on the Nat Geo Wild website for their show Caught in the Act and the episode titled "Penguin Smackdown" at https://youtu.be/d4Oog9w1W0s . You can also check out her comedy webseries at www.youtube.com/LoraCain. NOTE: Park officials told us we could not interfere so all I could do was videotape this and share the story with you. Check out my safari music videos: http://youtu.be/Dfo8hBxC4eI http://youtu.be/b1WY-bUUHCY http://youtu.be/2teHlDRIWN0 We went with AndBeyond.com to see the Greatest Show on Earth - the Great Migration: 2.5 million animals who cross Tanzania's Serengeti National Park into the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya. Almost 2 million are wildebeests (Gnu) who have to cross 2 rivers to find grassland. Watching them and over half a million zebras and gazelles spread across the prairie (it looks like it's been mown by the time they're through)makes you understand just a little of what the buffalo herds in America must have been like. Narrated by LoraCain heard on CNN, Wheel of Fortune, Disney and more. More safari footage at www.youtube.com/LoraCain and demos at LoraCain.com
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