The World's Biggest Aerial R/C Assault - Traxxas Invades Glamis

What happens when you take three of the fastest Traxxas trucks to the world famous Glamis dunes? Prepare for a high-speed, sand-shredding, aerial assault featuring the Traxxas Rustler VXL, Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash, and 65+mph E-Revo Brushless Edition. E-Revo puts on a freestyle show with every back-flip variation imaginable; single, double, and massive triple back-flips! Not to mention the seemingly never ending air time that Rustler VXL and E-Revo have as they soar through the desert air. The Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash looks just like the full-size truck that competes in the Dakar Rally as it blasts across the dunes at 60+mph. Powered by high-capacity Traxxas Power Cell 11.1-volt LiPo batteries, the power robbing sand is no match for 11.1-volts (22.2-volts in E-Revo) of high-voltage horsepower. Glamis is the ultimate radio control playground and Traxxas is The Fastest Name in Radio Control! Traxxas paddle tires are now available: Learn more about these high-performance trucks: E-Revo Brushless Edition - Rustler VXL - Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash - Music by: Teknoaxe - - Glitchhop Intro - Wyatt Earp Doesn't Mess Around - Doing Hard Time ———————————— The best Traxxas vehicle for beginners: The biggest Traxxas vehicle: The best Traxxas vehicle for learning tricks: The best Traxxas vehicle for racing on-road: The fastest Traxxas vehicle: The newest Traxxas boat: The Most Fun for Around $200: The World’s Biggest R/C Water Park Invasion!!: Traxxas Goes Back to School!: Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.
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