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Adrian Doll is a director, editor and cinematographer.
Born in 1997 in Dortmund, Germany, he started making films at a very young age.
2014 he won the "FatPigTures Filmpreis"; 2015 the "Christian Tasche Publikumsfilmpreis", both times as youngest participant.
His movie "PYGMALION" won Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Directing and Best Film at the 48hr Filmfestival in Berlin.
Since 2017 he's studying directing at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.
His movie "PERSPEKTIVE" was bought by the RBB and will be screened in the german television network from 2020-2023.

01. London, 1868 - jdrcomposer (AN IDEAL TO DIE FOR)
02. Sacred Earth - Adrian von Ziegler (Z E I T)
03. Redshirt Suite - Simon Müller (THE REDSHIRT PROJECT)

00:00 Intro
00:14 Action
00:39 Violence
01:00 Melancholy
01:34 Grief
01:56 Romanticism
02:23 Choice
03:10 Hope
03:47 Finale
04:04 Future

Excerpts from:
(2022) An Ideal To Die For
(2020) The Redshirt Project
(2019) Ofiara
(2019) Perspektive
(2018) the Heir
(2018) Pygmalion
(2017) remembrance - the sea
(2017) die anderen
(2015) 2+2
(2015) Lichter der Nacht
(2014) Z E I T
(2013) Unrein

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