Bitcoin $20k in 14 days?! $1000 to $25k Trading Challenge! Ethereum 2.0 300% Price Pump! Crypto News

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Can Bitcoin Hit $20k in only 14 days?! here is my bitcoin analysis and bitcoin news! Ethereum 2.0 will pump massively on launch but is now the time to buy some ethereum? MY $1000 to $25000 Trading Challenge is coming! Crypto News

Ethereum 2.0 is coming! Ethereum 2.0 Launches! Ethereum 2.0 is highly anticipated by the altcoin and bitcoin and crypto community. Ethereum 2.0 will allow you to profit from staking!

Also today we look at bitcoins price, the price of gold, the price of Dow Jones. Bitcoin Price has recently broken above $11000, How long will bitcoin stay this high?

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