Bitcoin and Alts Market Update - 3 Best Alts for intra day trade

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Big Outflow on crypto exchanges - Bitcoin next move and Exchange updates - Alts Bleeding
bitcoin and Alts analysis in Hindi
BEST Alts Coins for long term holding
Since Dogecoin has been talked a lot here on this sub today and many people have come supporting it or attacking it, it is worth noting that one single investor owns more than a quarter of all Dogecoins in existence.

A dogecoin “whale” owns 28% of the meme-based token, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Records reveal that 28% of the cryptocurrency in circulation is owned by a single investor, though the person or entity has not been identified.

You might have made a lot of money of it, but I think that a single person owning so much it’s at the very least a serious redflag.

EDIT: This is the address in question. Many have said that it is from Robinhood. While it is possible because of the amount of money it has, the address has only received 878 transactions and has only sent 21 transactions. Very unusual for an exchange address.

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