BITCOIN & CARDANO FALL! (How Long Will This Crypto Crash Last?)

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Intro 00:00
Bitcoin price crash...nothing new 00:30
Zoom out on BTC and Bitcoin halving 2:00
BTC price breaks descending triangle 4:40
Could a bullish move happen? 4:50
Cardano dips 8:30
Cardano price crashes 9:30
Will ADA support hold? 10:00
Huge ada dip target 11:30
The bullish move to watch for Cardano 13:00
Here is how to handle the crypto dip 13:40

Bitcoin dips leading altcoins like cardano along for the ride. This dip will be all over crypto news headlines and everyone will be watching bitcoin price until it either bounces or crashes. How will BTC react to the volatility happening right now, and maybe a better question is, who is buying bitcoin and should you buy btc and buy cardano right now? We explore the bullish bounce for both cardano and bitcoin and also talk about the big downside targets for crypto markets right now.

Descending Triangle data -
Busted descending triangle data -

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