call of duty black ops coldwar ps5 gameplay & review (in description)

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Given the sub-series this Call of Duty title finds itself in, you surely know the score by now. A campaign steeped in mystery and subterfuge provides the backbone for an extensive suite of multiplayer options and a Zombies mode that continues to feel like it could be broken out into its very own game. There's a lot to get through here, so let's start with what we think is the best of the bunch.

The game embraces its Cold War setting with undercover missions inside KGB headquarters and ventures across the streets of Berlin and into the residence of high-ranking officers. It's enough to make you feel like a legitimate spy, even if the loud mouth of Frank Woods is bellowing over the radio. In combination with the usual run and gun action of the FPS franchise, it never feels like the campaign leans into one of the two extremes too much. There's always an intense and chaotic mission right around the corner or the quieter moments of carefully picking your targets with a sniper rifle on the outskirts of an enemy base. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gets that balance just right, satisfying both those who want something new as well as a series traditionalist.

It all makes for a digital thrill ride that reliably ebbs and flows with no real pacing issues in view. Strap in with the basic character creator to give your choices a bit of lasting impact, then engage with the welcome list of gender options that stretch beyond male and female. It's by no means a Telltale title — your decisions aren't that important — but the illusion in the moment will definitely have you considering every option on offer.

There are just eight maps to master at launch, many of which are either forgettable or downright frustrating. That's significantly less than past entries, meaning you'll most likely find yourself selecting the same locations over and over again during a single play session. It becomes monotonous far too quickly, especially when you'll quickly develop a list of maps you'd rather not play. Gunplay is its usual solid self along with an extensive list of score-streaks, challenges, and opportunities to level up. But all of that is expected at this point. It's hard not to feel like the Battle Royale titles of the world (Warzone in particular) are eating its lunch. Traditional Call of Duty multiplayer is in dire need of some new ideas.

As solid as the package is, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has to be one of the safest series instalments for quite some time. Multiplayer is seriously starting to show its age with tired ideas and even duller gameplay, leaving the campaign to rescue things. Its open-ended approach allows player choice to take prominence while Zombies is just as deep as ever. A passable effort for the start of the PS5 generation, but Activision must buck up its ideas for next year.


Another great Black Ops campaign
Player and dialogue choices
Welcoming gender options
Zombies is still deep and impressive
Good use of DualSense controller


Impressive PS5 graphics
Multiplayer falls flat
Only eight multiplayer maps at launch
Decisions don't hold enough weight


Good 7/10


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